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TENDER Group is a privately held company, established in September 1991 in Timisoara, by businessman Ovidiu Tender. After 24 years of activity, it is the main shareholder of a group of companies active in domains such as: agriculture, constructions, oil & gas and resources, resorts, aviation, power and IT&C.

In time, TENDER Group acquires companies with financial issues in order to turn them around by investing in their development. Consequently, several positive examples resulting in great economic success show the capability of the company.

Due to its prolific activity, TENDER Group enlarges the area of investments during 2007-2008 to Austria, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia and in 2010 in Senegal. The first external market where investments are directly made is Serbia.

In 2007, TENDER Group acquires a number of companies in this country, together with equity stakes in Banja Vrujci, which owns a balneotherapeutic base, and establishes an exploring and production services company for the oil & gas industry, called Tender Oil and Gas, based in Novi-Sad.

In 2010, Tender Minerals is established in Senegal, to build a portfolio of licence holdings in exploration and mining projects with a focus on the African continent.

Due to the complexity and growth of TENDER Group, the main target for the mid-term future is determined to be the consolidation and development of the strategic fields of activity: mineral resources, energy services, construction & infrastructure and real estate.