Choose the smart way to do business

Ovidiu Tender is one of the most iconic businessman in Romania, playing a major role in the development of the Romanian industry in the last 25 years. According to the „Capital” magazine, his fortune is estimated at over 520 million Euros.

The Tender Group member companies cover a large variety of activities, such as: the oil and gas industry, constructions, aviation, pharmaceuticals, tourism, IT and real estate.

Ovidiu Tender’s business strategy is comprised of identifying companies with great growth and development capacity, acquiring them, improving the management and implementing business procedures oriented towards efficiency.

As a result, under Ovidiu Tender’s management, many indebted companies were capable to pay their debts and become very profitable listed acquisitions. In the last years, he managed to extend his business outside Romanian borders, buying and financing new companies in Serbia and the Middle East.

Simultaneously, Ovidiu Tender unfolds an intense charitable activity through the Tender foundation, offering support for numerous causes, especially cultural and educational.