About us
Prospectiuni SA is a leading geophysical and geological service company, with over 60 years of experience in the Romanian Oil and Gas industry. Prospectiuni now operates internationally and we are teamed with technical partners to provide specialized solutions.

The company is founded in 1950 under the name of IPGGH (The Enterprise for Geological and Geophysical Survey of Hydrocarbons). In 1991 changes its name to Prospectiuni and in 2000 becomes a privately owned company, its major shareholder being the Tender S.A. group.

From our headquarters, the workshops and laboratories in Bucharest, ProspecÅĢiuni offers a wide range of geological and geophysical services, including:

  • 2D, 3D and 4D on shore seismic data planning and acquisition,
  • Seismic data processing,
  • Data storage,
  • Geological and geochemical analyses,
  • magnetic telluric surveys and gravity surveys.

We are a low cost supplier with special technical excellence in combining geophysical methods for solutions in complex geological settings.

Prospectiuni operates to the highest international standards of HSE&Q, using an extensive range of 'state of the art' equipment operated by a world class team of professionals, experienced and having excellent technical training.

Contact us
1 Caransebes Street, 012271 Bucharest, Romania Phone:
+40 21 404 28 00
+40 21 319 66 56