About us
Tender Minerals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tender SA which controls a large group of companies engaged in the oil services industry, energy and power generation, geological and geophysical survey services, civil and industrial construction, road construction and maintenance, real estate development, agriculture, infrastructure development, IT and the tourism industry. Tender S.A. holds more than US$ 500 million in assets and generates annual revenues of US$ 400 million.

Tender Minerals was established to build a portfolio of licence holdings in exploration and mining projects with a focus on the African Continent. To date, the Company has acquired six mineral concessions in Senegal, West Africa which include exploration and development licences for heavy mineral sands, phosphates , copper, nickel, rare earths and gold. These licences cover an area in excess of 30,000 square kilometres.

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20 Coralilor Street, District 1, 013328, Bucharest, Romania
Route du Meridien President apres la Banque SGBS, Dakar, Senegal