About us
Econsa S.A. is the main supplier of mineral quarry aggregate in Western Romania, having as main purpose supporting the development of roads and rail infrastructure projects in the country. The company’s activity covers the entire work flow, from exploration and exploitation of the quarry stone, to its processing in sorts and selling it to potential customers. The launching in a favorable market context, vast experience in the mineral aggregate processing, a team of professionals, capable of assessing and addressing the market needs in record time and high quality products are only some of the assets which allowed us a fast evolution.

The company offers a wide range of products, amongst which crushed quarry aggregates, to be used in the asphalt mixing production, crushed quarry mineral aggregates, used in road infrastructure works, crushed quarry aggregates for railway and limestone filler gravelling. Econsa observes all the requirements and the laws in force regarding occupational health and environmental protection.

Contact us
1 Caransebes Street, Laboratory Building, Room 70, 2nd Floor, 012271 Bucharest, Romania
+40 721 077 733